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Visiting Professor

Professor: Jane W.-S. Liu 
Research expertise:
Real-Time System, Operating System,
Computer Networks,
Evaluation of Computer Performance
  This is an image Professor: Hsiao-Wuen Hon
Research expertise:
Spoken language processing,
Speech recognition,
Statistical pattern recognition,
nternet search, Data mining
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Professor: Kwei-Jay Lin

Research expertise:
Service-Oriented Computing QoS
for Real-time Systems Distributed
Software Architecture   
 This is a image Professor: Kwan-Liu Ma

Research expertise:
large data visualization,
information visualization,
visual analytics, artistically
inspired illustrations,
video processing, and
volume visualization
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Professor: Ted Chang
Research expertise:
Cloud computing、Data Analysis
Algorithms、Social Media、AIoT

 846_885220d3.jpg Professor: Bor-Sung Liang

Research expertise:
Digital IC、SoC Architecture
Quantum Computing、
Technology Management and 
Strategic Analysis
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Professor: Peggy Chi

Research expertise:
Human-Computer Interaction、
Automatic Video Creation and Editing、
Interactive Tutorials
This is an image Professor: Wei-Chao Chen
Research expertise:
Computer Graphics, Computer
Vision, Parallel Architecture,
Artificial Intelligence
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